Roblox trading is a popular way to earn a lot of Robux if you are good at it, there are some techniques that you need to know to be able to trade Roblox items or so called "Limiteds". You firstly need to have builders club in order to follow this guide, you will also need to have Robux which you can either earn here for free on GameGleam or you can buy it from the Roblox store.

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You need around five-hundred Robux (R$) in order to make your first purchase of a item, begin by going to the catalog and go under the subcategory "Collectibles", I recommend sorting the list by "Price (Low to High)" in order to find the cheapest collectibles items. Buy an item that interest you that you believe others are interested in acquiring aswell, do some research in order to make your first purchase a good purchase.

Now, that you have purchased your first item you are able to start trading in Roblox. To trade your item you should go to a game called "Trade Hangout", it is a game where you can trade and hangout with friends.

In order to trade with another player you click on other players, by doing that you can also see others peoples item. Now start trying to find someone that has an item that has a little more RAP (Recent Average Price) than the item you have bought. When you have found the right person, begin by asking the person if they like to make a trade for the item against your item. They may send you a request, but you could also be the instigator and initiate the trade with the player by clicking on them and going to their profile and clicking "Trade Items.

You have now hopefully made your first trade and earned a couple of Robux in the process, continue doing these steps and trade up your items until you eventually earn hundreds of Robux in each trade if you get good at doing it.

List of helpful tips to make your trading in Roblox more profitable

  • There will be plenty of bad trades offered to you, don't be afraid to decline them.
  • If you trade a lot, you will get more experience doing it. You may do one or two bad trades before you understand the concept better.
  • Join a Roblox trading group, could be a great way to make some deals.
  • There are scammers out there, don't agree to do anything outside of the game.
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