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How does GameGleam work?

GameGleam is a reward website that allows users to play games for rewards. Earn free rewards, favourite game, premium currency, physical items or a skin.

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You will be able to earn Points in many different fun and challenging ways.

You can earn Points by:
- Playing games and completing quests
- Viewing videos
- Completing tasks in a wide array of offerwalls
- Creating content (Articles, Videos and more)
- Reach the leaderboards
- Invite your friends
You will be able to earn XP by playing games and completing quests.
We will offer a large range of different rewards to our users.

We offer the following rewards:
- Gift Cards for Steam, Xbox, Playstation.
- Gift cards for games (Fortnite, Roblox and other games)
- Physical items (Graphic cards, phones and much more)
- Skins for CS:GO (Skins for other games will be released in the near future)
- Virtual Credit Cards loaded with cash
- Virtual currency (Bitcoin and other)
We currently don't have a set date for when GameGleam will be released but we have a goal of releasing GameGleam in August 2019, be sure to sign up to our mailing list to get notified once we get closer to launch and in addition to that you will automatically be entered to our contest to win an $100 gift card of your choice.